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First and foremost, thanks for visiting my webpage. Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Alan Rainer, also known as Odahilys (Odah for short). The nickname Odahilys originated back in the vanilla WoW days, where I hit the random generate button and this name came up. As such, it just stuck around. People struggle with pronouncing it, so many just truncate it to odah/oda and let it be. I have a strong passion for the online realm – all of my work is based on technology that revolves around the net. I've been gaming for as long as GabeN has been Valve™-ing, so hopefully I can measure up.

I love to upload the occasional YouTube video or collab on some voice acting project. I play a variety of games, from all Blizzard games, League of Legends, Smite, and DoTA 2, to the Call of Duty series and Battlefield. While I'm 99% PC, I have some PS and Xbox history under my belt. If you would like to collaborate on a voice acting/video project, group up for some gaming, or have some idea that matches my skillset, do not hesitate to reach out. In the Social Links section below, I’ve included many ways (all of which I check) to contact me.

I run a TeamSpeak server that is up 99% of the time. Feel free to utilize the server for any reason. Currently, most people on the server play Heroes of the Storm, but there are many who own multiple games. Also, I can be reached via the Poke function quite readily (you may have to ask one of the Regulars to Poke me). The IP is or you can click below to connect!

Social Links

I don't randomly add people on Steam, sorry! Shoot me a tweet, e-mail or PM on Reddit (odah), or find me on my TS3, and I'll accept pronto!